Aaron Hart takes out second Evans Medal

Lake Cargelligio’s Aaron Hart has been named the 2017 Evans Medallist.

The winner of the League’s Seniors best and fairest football award was Lake Cargelligo’s Aaron Hart polling 20 votes, ahead of second place Sonney Bartholomew from Tullibigeal with 18 votes and in third place was Neil Macfarland from Hillston polling 16 votes. 

In fourth place with 14 votes was Fraser Gehrich from West Wyalong Girral, Will McMartin from West Wyalong Girral in fifth place with 11 votes and Kieran Fair from Tullibigeal on 10 votes in sixth place. 

Hart will now start preparations for the Northern Riverina Preliminary Final this weekend.

Other Best and Fairest winners include:

C Grade Reserve Netball
Winner: Hannah Pettit (West Wyalong Girral)
Runner Up: Holly Ireland (Tullibigeal)

C Grade Netball
Winner: Brittany Fair (Tullibigeal)
Runner Up: Bec Lamb (West Wyalong Girral) & Tracinta Richards (Condo-Milby)

B Grade Netball
Winner: Brooke Maslin (West Wyalong Girral)
Runner Up: Fiona Bryant (Ungarie) and Emily Ryder (Lake Cargelligo)

A Grade Netball
Winner: Lee Alexander (Lake Cargelligo)
Runner Up: Chloe Gardiner (West Wyalong Girral) & Courtney Byrnes (Hillston)

Rising Star
Winner: Sinelle Thorpe (Hillston)
Round 1: Jaiden Burke (Tullibigeal)
Round 2: Cody Collins (Lake Cargelligo)
Round 3: Will McMartin (West Wyalong Girral)
Round 4: Michael Parker (Condo-Milby)
Round 5: Colby Crofts (Ungarie)
Round 6: Brant Frankel (Tullibigeal)
Round 7: Kurrin Brandy (Condo-Milby)
Round 8: Sinelle Thorpe (Hillston)
Round 9: Damian Batty (Ungarie)
Round 10: Tyson Smythe (Hillston)
Round 11: Layne MSith (Lake Cargelligo)
Round 12: Ky Hanlon (Tullibigeal)
Round 13: Ryan Crofts (Ungarie)
Round 14: Jack Hetherington (West Wyalong Girral)
Round 15: Jack Parkes (West Wyalong Girral)

Senior Coach
Steve Hickson (Tullibigeal)

Leading Goal Kicker
Brant Frankel (Tullibigeal) 53 Goals

Club Champions
Lake Cargelligo

Merit Award
Scott Golding & Raylene Spackman

Volunteer of the year
Telea Imrie (Tullibigeal)

Umpire of the year
Pat Daniher

Club Volunteers
Condo-Milby – Heidi Johnson & Beverley Taylor
Hillston – Matthew Taylor
Lake Cargelligo – Phil Aubrey
Tullibigeal – Telea Imrie
Ungarie – Malcolm Williams
West Wyalong Girral – Ben & Natalie Ackland