Become an Umpire


Umpiring is a fantastic way to get involved with AFL, whilst keeping fit and earning money.

With Australian Football in NSW/ACT growing at a rapid rate, there are plenty of opportunities around the state for people to get involved with sport and earn money at the same time.


You will be appointed to matches within your local competition. Games are held at various times throughout the weekend, so there are always plenty of opportunities to umpire

You will be provided with training and one on one coaching – so you won’t be dropped into the deep end.

Umpires are responsible for managing an AFL match both on and off the ground. To the players, coaches, officials and spectators the match in which they are participating is the most important match played that day.


Umpiring has three disciplines – Field, Boundary and Goal. Although separate in skills and abilities these three groups of umpires work together to ensure the match is played safely and fairly.

FIELD – Field Umpires officiate and have full control of a match. These umpires continually move across a football field with the play and position themselves at all times so that they can clearly observe play. Field Umpires officiate the play in line with the laws of the game and apply them within the spirit of the laws.

BOUNDARY – Boundary Umpires move along the boundary of the football field, judge whether the ball is out of bounds (or out of bounds on the full) and return the ball to play via a boundary throw in. Boundary umpires also assist the goal umpires in determining scoring shots.

GOAL – Goal Umpires are positioned between the goal posts at each end of the field. They are responsible for judging whether a goal or behind has been scored, signalling that a score has been made and recording the score.


The laws of AFL explain how a match of Australian Football is played so that it is played fairly and safely. All Umpires must clearly know and recall the laws of the game in order to perform their role as umpires.

For a pdf copy of the Laws of Australian Football click here.


While the laws of the game state exactly what can and cannot occur on the field of play, the Spirt of the Laws provides guidance on interpretations and the intention of the laws. Umpires must be familiar with the Spirit of the laws in order to understand how to interpret and apply the laws.

For a pdf copy of the Spirit of the Laws of Australian Football click here.



Umpiring is a fun and challenging part of AFL.

There are many ways to get involved in umpiring from Field, Boundary and Goal umpiring.

What’s involved?

– Be appointed to AFL matches.
– Attend training sessions (at locations close to you)
– Umpire Coaches and fitness trainers provide the the knowledge, skills and physical preparation required.
– Accreditiation programs to recognise your achievements and abilities.

What are the benefits?

– No charge to join
– Develop fitness and new skills.
– Match fees to provide you with an income.
– In some cases travel allowance
– Injury Protection

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